Love Was in the Air


Kierra Winchell and Kayla Batty receiving flowers from several fine WHS young men


BICKNELL – Wayne High School had an interesting Valentine’s Day this year. Three incredible young men came together and bought all the girls in the high school roses. Tava’e Pei, Wade Jeffery, and James Oldroyd, came to school dressed in shades of red and black and went from classroom to classroom handing each young woman and female teacher a rose with her name attached to it. They spent countless hours plucking each thorn from the roses and used their own money to complete this project. When asked why they decided to do this Tava’e Pei said, “We wanted to prove that chivalry isn’t dead. We also wanted to start a tradition in this school. That all girls shall receive flowers for Valentine’s Day no matter if they’re single or with someone.”
These men have proven that the beauty of kindness can make anyone feel loved and cared for. Thanks you for making a day about couples celebrating each other into one where girls can be appreciated and acknowledged.

—Jasmine Wilson, Wayne High School Badger Times, Editor

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