Boulder Town Park: Becoming Art

BOULDER – If you have driven through Boulder recently, you probably have noticed changes with the town park pavilion as it has morphed from a large gray structure to a wild green mosaic. If you happened by around the 4th of July, there were flags flying from the south end of the pavilion for a first unveiling.

Boulder’s multi-colored city park space reflects the contributions of many community members.

The town park is becoming a beautiful collection of the work of several of Boulder’s artists. The “Paint the Pavilion” project was managed by the Boulder Arts Council and funded by Boulder Town, a Utah Arts and Museums Random Acts Grant and donations by several Boulder residents. This provided funding to commission local graffiti artist, Sean Treves, to create this interesting and unusual hub in the center of the park. Todd Campbell completed the rock flowerbeds around the pavilion and then directed several residents in the creation of the beautiful rock wall lining the entrance to the park. While working on the wall, Todd had the idea of flags that would be flown during community events. He provided funding to the Boulder Arts Council to have local artist, Amy Woodbury, turn five of her paintings into large flags. Loch Wade built flag poles to hang the flags. If you missed the flags, they will be on display at the Boulder Community Gallery from July 15th to September 1st.

In addition to these artistic additions to the park, Jimmy Catmull made the rock park sign and Dave Hensel built the beautiful wood bridge. The tree committee has planted dozens of trees and are currently working on a community heritage orchard. The park committee has built and graveled trails from the pavilion to the businesses on the south end of the park, providing safe travels for those wanting to walk from one end of town center to the other.

The Boulder Town Park is becoming a work of art and a place inviting residents and visitors to the town to enjoy the beautiful space. Who knows what will come next in Boulder’s artsy park but it will definitely be a reflection of the uniqueness of Boulder artists and residents.

—Cheryl Cox, Boulder Arts Council

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