Fire Restriction Reminder

SALT LAKE CITY – Despite repeated efforts to spread the word, fire managers are continuing to observe activities occurring which are prohibited by active fire restrictions. Land management agencies implement fire restrictions in the interest of public safety and natural resource protection. By engaging in prohibited activities, recreationists are putting these values at risk from wildfire.

Fire Restrictions

Central Utah’s Pahvant Range during the 2015 Fishlake National Forest fire. Don’t be the person who starts the next big blaze. Learn the restrictions and obey them.

These risky behaviors have proven to be costly, as they have ignited additional wildfires across the state in recent weeks. With continued hot and dry conditions, fire managers are urging residents and visitors to use sound judgement when outdoors. It is important to be prepared before heading out by knowing the restrictions in the area, inspecting vehicles, and being equipped with a shovel and adequate water in the event a fire starts.

Of significant mention are campfires, debris burning, target shooting, fireworks, and vehicle malfunctions. Some of these activities are either prohibited or restricted on public lands. Land managers are stressing the fact that exploding targets and fireworks, along with other incendiary devices and tracer ammunition are never permitted for use on public lands. Campfires and debris burns are often limited in the summer months due to the high risk of escape. Additionally, vehicle malfunctions become more prevalent during hot summer months, many of which can lead to a wildfire.

Visit for more information on current fire restrictions, incident information, and prevention tips.

—Wildland Fire Prevention & Education Team

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