McKenzy Jeffery, An Outstanding Wayne County Teen

AUGUST 31, 2017 – McKenzy Jeffery is tall enough to look you look straight in the eye and mean it and she has a personality that will swell your heart. If you ask her where she finds her motivation to succeed, she is not afraid to tell you that her finest examples come from her family members in Fremont and Loa.

McKenzy Jeffery,

Wayne County’s McKenzy Jeffery is an entrant in the Miss Utah Outstanding Teen scholarship program.

The Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen is a scholarship-based program that places emphasis on scholastic achievement, community service, style and the individual success of young women all across the state of Utah. McKenzy Jeffery has set her sights on being an Outstanding Teen in life and when she gets her way, and she will, we are all going to be a lot better off.

The Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen program offers over $125,000 in college scholarship and in-kind donations. In their 11 year history, Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen program has seen Utah Teen titleholders attend prestigious colleges and universities which include: Harvard University, Brigham Young University, The Julliard School, Utah State University and several independent study programs.

When asked about the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen platform that she is running on, McKenzy said “My platform is Love Life & Live. It is all about helping kids, teens, and adults love their life and live it to the fullest. To help them appreciate their life, and when it gets hard they don’t have to turn to alcohol, drugs, or suicide. I love helping people in any way I can.”
According to Webster, the definition of outstanding, is, standing out from the group and marked by eminence and distinction.

I asked McKenzy why participate in the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen program and she said, “This unique opportunity presented itself and I wanted to take advantage of the experience it will provide.” McKenzy stressed to me that the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen program was not so much a pageant as it was a chance to share, with everyone a teens point view of our changing world, to showcase the ability to make a difference and what today’s teens can really do to when they choose to put their minds to work. “It can be tough being a teen in 2017, it can be hard when you feel misunderstood. My Grand Ma Jeffery once told me I can do anything and be anything I want if I work hard enough at it. I love playing ball, I love music, I want to be a part of all the things that this time in my life has to offer, I will only get to be a teen once and I want to make sure I have put every effort forth to make the most of it, it is what makes me happy.”

To even be considered for the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen contest is tough duty as it is not just pretty smiles, being able to stand up straight in stilettos and look good in an evening gown. It is hard work and requires an immense amount of focused dedication. There are outstanding teens all over the state of Utah vying for the title of outstanding teen. Scholastically you have to know your stuff and be able to show it, none of that sloughing class and slipping over to the pizza place parking lot for a quick Camel. Heck no, it is nose to the grindstone, hitting the books hard before even dreaming about attempting a Marina Double Bacon Burger with cheesy fries and fry sauce at the Sunglow. It is all about making the personal choice to be a good example and putting into practice all of those important lessons about life that Grand Ma took the time to teach you. Grand Ma always knows best ya know, she has been there and done that and she will tell you so in no uncertain terms.

McKenzy says it doesn’t take the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen program to prove that there are good teens in all of our communities. Outstanding teens are everywhere, you just have to look, and recognize their efforts.

by Adus F. Dorsey II

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