South Central’s Crews Drop Fiber to Homes

South Central

ESCALANTE – For about three weeks South Central Communications has been working on the second phase of the city’s fiber optic installation, which involves dropping new lines directly to homes and businesses. Last week drop crew members Porter Bowman (Kanab), Shane Howell (Panguitch) and Bret Hansen (Kanab) were working their way down 100 North cutting lines in to homes. Residents will receive a door hanger shortly before crews arrive, and the proposed drop route from the street to the home will be marked in white lines. The door hanger includes a phone number to call if you have concerns about the proposed route. Crews also say that you can catch them directly. “If you see us let us know if you have a buried line so we don’t break it.” South Central’s crews have been very good about working around parked cars, but note that it does make it easier for them if you move vehicles away from areas where they are working.

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