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“FYI Panguitch” is a weekly Insider column written by Panguitch resident Mack Oetting. Insider

It was a perfect weekend for the Memorial Day celebration. The winds really made the flags look great and stand out, both on the highway and at the cemetery. Many thanks to all of those that helped put the flags up. During the winter, a company dug up the east side of the highway into the cemetery and tore out all of our flag holders. When I went out there to check on the west side, someone else had run a line down the middle and tore out the flag holders on the west side. Not to worry, though, because Lamont Olson had some rebar that went with mine, and we made it work out, with the help of Roy Hookham, also. Many thanks to Sheryl England for rounding up plenty of help and for putting flags on the graves of veterans; they did it in record time, missing only one grave site, which is also a record.

Our town’s business had a booming weekend. On Saturday, Pat and I went out to dinner, and at two of the restaurants, there were long waits, so we grabbed a hamburger and went home. It is really great to see the economy in the country is doing so well, especially here in Panguitch. A problem we have is getting help in the food industry. It doesn’t pay all that well, and there isn’t low cost housing for them to move here. Ruby’s Inn built living quarters for all of their workers, and that has worked out well for them.

The big event last Friday was the high school graduation. We were so busy out at the cemetery that we missed it for the first time in ages. There were thirty-four in the class, and they are taking their first step for the future. We wish them all great success in whatever field they choose. I forgot to mention in my sports’ report that Tyler Cox was victorious in the 110M and 300M hurdles and placed well in the high jump at the Class 1A State Track Championship in Provo. Those of you that don’t know Tyler, he is part of the cheerleader squad that does all of those high flips as part of their routines. I also failed to say how great our cheerleaders were this year.

May kind of messed up my timing. The 31st is tomorrow, and it is the end of the month, and then Saturday is the 1st, so to make a long story short, the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival starts on the second weekend in June. It starts this Wednesday, June 5th, with the Chocolate Fest. April Hookham is taking over that part of the Quilt WaIk Festival. Thank you, thank you, thank you to her. Again, it will be at the middle school starting at 6:00, so for all of you chocolate makers, don’t put off making all of your wonderful candy and sweets. There will be music, as usual, and other fun things. All proceeds from the Chocolate Fest goes to the Sub for Santa fund. Tera Connor and her daughter, Jaynie, will be in charge of the home tours and much of the decorations and activities around town.

The Quilt Walk classes will start on Thursdays and will be held at the high school. Over 300 quilters from all over the country signed up on the first day that sign ups were available. There will be plenty of quilting instructors that will teach all of the new methods of quilting. There will be wonderful items for sale and many quilts on display at the gym at the high school. Many women around town make this event a real event, so thank you.

Thursday also will be the start of the Quilt Walk play, and it will be at the Social Hall and starring me, or maybe not. Elaine Baldwin will again, for the 25th year, be directing the play that she helped to write. It will be a dinner show, and it is always fun to get involved in some of the history of Panguitch.

The Lions Club will be having one of its great all-you-can-eat breakfasts on Saturday morning at 7:30. Come on out and enjoy the company of our locals and have a good meal. There will also be some karaoke singing, so get up your nerve and entertain the folks.

Mack O.