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Help Rural Health Scholars Improve Healthcare for Rural Veterans in Utah

WAYNE / GARFIELD COUNTIES – The Rural Health Association of Utah at Southern Utah University has partnered with The Utah Department of Primary Care and Rural Health to connect with veterans throughout rural Utah to improve access to healthcare. We are looking for veterans who are interested in answering questions about veterans’ healthcare benefits that they receive locally and through the Veterans Administration.

We have already connected with many veterans in Iron, Garfield and Kane County who have shared their stories about their experiences with access to healthcare. We want to understand how veterans living in rural Utah access healthcare and what their experience is when doing so. We hope to learn about different resources for healthcare that exist within the community in coordination with the Veterans Administration, to assist veterans in accessing the care that they need to assure their health and well-being.

Your input is needed! Information you share can improve healthcare and make it more accessible for Utah Veterans. After giving so much, veterans deserve the best healthcare no matter where they live. As we hear from the Veterans themselves about ways to improve healthcare, we can make a difference and improve lives.

Veterans from all backgrounds and different branches are needed for the project. We need representation from the following counties: Washington, Sevier, Garfield, Kane, Wayne, and Piute. If you are a United States Veteran and have 30 minutes to spare, we want to talk with you about your experience with veterans’ healthcare benefits and access to care locally and through the Veterans Administration. Please, email or call 435-865-8661.

—Rural Health Scholars at Southern Utah University

Published in the April 30, 2020 issue of The Insider.



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