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It Appears that Utah’s Republican Delegation Believe They Know What is Best for Everyone

Bud Donmeyer’s March 21st Insider letter to the editor clearly communicated his “distress and anger” regarding social media posts urging Utah Democrats to switch party affiliations. In addition, he stated “… no matter that certain Democrats—mostly Liberals and Progressives to be honest—self-righteously believe and claim they know what is best for everyone, including Republicans.”

Given the gerrymandering that has recently occurred in Utah, despite the majority vote by its citizens to allow an impartial committee to redraw the congressional district boundaries, it appears to me that it is in fact Utah’s Republican delegation who believe they know what is best for everyone. The definition of gerrymandering is when one political party creates voting districts in a way that hinders democracy. Did this action—gerrymandering—involve “gamesmanship” or facilitate the potential to “steal an election?” As a consequence, one way Democrats (and other non-Republican affiliates) have a voice in any race, is by switching parties in order to choose Republican candidates during the primaries that reflect a more moderate perspective.

Louise Eutropius, Escalante

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