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[In response to Jeff Oyler, If Ranchers Cannot Take Better Care of Their Cows, Please, Change Your Profession, July 1, 2021]

Dear Mr. “Move-In” Jeff Oyler,

It’s too bad about your yard and garden, but how stupid are you to put a picture of that so called fence in the The Insider that wouldn’t even hold out a sick jack rabbit.

When good old Frank Salt was living there, he would shut the gate and had his yard fenced right. He always seemed glad to see us come. I really think you should be careful about your threats, you wouldn’t even know what happened if one of the Cattlemen got a hold of you.

These roads and right of ways were established here even before automobiles and the one road past your place has been there 70 years that I know of. As far as the ranchers watering the roads, I don’t agree with that, BUT you don’t own 1 drop of irrigation water, so you are a thief and it’s none of your damn business. You put in your letter published in The Insider about cows on Highway 72 that were “walking to free range”, but summer grazing is not free. Cattlemen have to pay grazing fees every year to put their cows on the mountain.

As far as the cattle you’ve seen going up Highway 72. It’s terrible for their condition but the owner of those particular cows is another “move-in”and not a local rancher. Things are extremely hard for cattlemen right now and they don’t need some “move-in” telling us how bad and what poor managers we are.

Our ancestors came into this valley years and years ago because of the grazing possibilities available to all who wanted to work to maintain this way of life. Where were your grandfathers or father when the reservoirs and canals were built to accommodate your pretty garden?

If it’s so bad here, why don’t you please go back where you came from and leave us the hell alone. Maybe instead of changing our professions, You should just change Your address.

Ronnie Rees, Local Farmer and Rancher

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