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Republicans Have Shown They’re Really Not Committed to Democracy

I read with interest last week’s letter from a gentleman who urged others to join him in voting for candidates (Republican) because of all the horrible things that the Biden Administration and the Democratic Congress have done to the citizens of the United States.

His arguments pretty much followed the nightly lambasting of Fox News. Essentially Republicans and their media megaphone cry out how inflation is the reason they should take over the government and steer the economy. I for one fear their stated policies will put us on the rocks.

When someone tells you they plan to do something, it’s wise to assume that’s what they will do. Let’s take a minute to recount the Republican’s economic agenda. First they want to reinstate corporate tax cuts, as well as those enjoyed by the richest Americans. Remember they still dream of doing away with the Affordable Care Act and price controls on prescription drugs. Ask someone you know who’s life relies on insulin if they like that idea. Of course the really big deal is their goal of making Social Security a legislative authorization (renewed every five years) rather than a social insurance program that entitles workers to retirement, disability and survivor benefits. Their threat to not adjust the national debt should put everyone from Wall Street to Main Street on edge. The last time this stunt was threatened financial markets were in panic. Kiss your IRAs and bank account goodbye if they actually carry out their promise.

In addition to their economic agenda the Republicans have clearly stated they will curtail the support of the Ukrainian people’s heroic defense of their sovereignty against an unprovoked military invasion by Russia. This plays right into the hands of Putin. In fact Putin has made entries to American political affairs by denouncing western elites and soliciting the support and alliance of those who subscribe to authoritarian regimes. Do Americans really want to abandon our historic commitment to democracy and human rights?

Finally close to home our elected representatives have shown they question how elections are conducted. In the state legislature Phil Lyman has proposed that Utah do away with mail ballots. There’s been no evidence of widespread voter “fraud” in the district so what’s his reason for wanting to be difficult if not impossible for lots of us to vote? My suspicion is he figures the fewer who vote the more likely it is that Republicans will prevail. On the federal level our congressman, Chris Stewart, joined with Trump’s “Big Lie” crowd in voting against accepting the 2020 presidential election results. To me this is tacit support of the January 6th insurrection. Between the “Big Lie” and other voter suppression schemes Republicans have shown they’re really not committed to democracy.

I doubt I’ve changed anyone’s mind, but hopefully you’ll know what to expect.

Bob Hartman, Escalante