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Wayne County Commission March 21, 2022

The Wayne County Commission meets the first and third Monday of every month at the Wayne County Courthouse in Loa. Insider

WAYNE COUNTY – The second monthly meeting for the Wayne County Commission was held on March 21, 2022. Commissioners Wood, Brian and Blackburn were in attendance. The agenda for the meeting was accepted and approved. The minutes from the commission meeting held on March 7th were approved with the exception of two misspelled words, which will be corrected. The minutes were approved pending corrections.

The first order of business was a new Deputy Sheriff, Officer Kale Morrison, who took the oath of office. Officer Morrison resides in Torrey with his wife and two-week-old baby girl. Let’s welcome them to Wayne County.

Jones and DeMille Engineering is working on plans for the Hanksville Diversion Pumping Project. They are working on the design, before sending it out for bid.

Howard Blackburn and Brigg Blackburn have 1.28 acres in Bicknell, and they would like to split the lot in two. This was approved and passed.

Matt Torrey, who resides in Torrey, has a parcel located at the South end of Center Street. A zone change and conditional use permit was approved to allow the building of three new cabins and a new shop on 5.3 acres. The zone change was to allow rentals in the area. This was approved and passed.

Other items of business:

  • Valuation of Short-term Rentals, which was presented by Sharon Torgerson: This would be a secondary tax after primary property taxes. This tax would include the rental of a room, basement or even a room over a garage. The Commissioners agreed that a new ordinance needs to be passed—as well as an amended RSTR ordinance—during an upcoming commission meeting. This was passed and approved.
  • Boundary Adjustment Committee: This committee will oversee the adjustment of boundaries and annexation in Wayne County. The committee will consist of two elected municipality officials, which will be Mayor Cody Grundy of Loa and Mayor Noreen Johnson of Bicknell; two elected county level officials, which will be County Recorder Colleen Allen and Commissioner Roger Brian; and will also include three at large. Two of the three at large have been picked; they are Tracy Potter of Torrey and Joe Giles of Fremont. The committee would like to find another at large either in Teasdale or Hanksville. This was approved and passed.
  • Planning and Zoning Discussion: Two new members were approved. Julie Howard will be a permanent member, and Joe Giles will be an alternative.
  • Approve Vouchers: This was approved and passed.

Closed session was not needed.

The Wayne County Commission meets the first and third Monday of every month at the Wayne County Courthouse in Loa.

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