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Wayne County Commission May 15, 2023

The Wayne County Commission meets the first and third Monday of every month at the Wayne County Courthouse in Loa. Insider

WAYNE CO. – The May 15, 2023, Wayne County Commission meeting kicked off with a prayer led by Commissioner Blackburn followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first item on the agenda was a discussion about ambulance billing services with Tyler Peterson, Director of Billing at Gold Cross Services. Peterson gave an overview of how ambulance billing works and presented ways that Gold Cross Billing Services can increase the county’s collection rate and revenue. Gold Cross charges 5.5% of whatever they collect and currently has 35 other clients, including Juab County, Manti, and Cedar Mountain Fire. Currently, Wayne County is in a contract with another billing provider until October, so they have some time to make a decision. Peterson left a contract for the county attorney to review.

Next, the commission reviewed a subdivision request for a 21-lot subdivision outside of Hanksville by Curtis Whipple. Lonesome View lots will range from 1.6 to 6.2 acres for 160 acres total, and none of this land is currently being used for agriculture. The lots are outside the town of Hansville but will receive water from Hanksville. Commissioner Blackburn asked if any of this land was underwater during the 2021 flood, and Whipple said none of it was. Planning and Zoning has previously approved the project with one change; Whipple added an easement along the wash to ensure access to it for necessary maintenance. Whipple also plans on improving the wash to keep it better contained. He says this will be a substantial amount of work and could possibly be used as match money for NRCS funding. The commission passed a motion to approve the Lonesome View subdivision.

The council then discussed a few miscellaneous items. Commissioner Brian gave an update on the Interlocal Agreement with Six County Association of Governments and also mentioned that Six County may be changing its name to R6. The commission approved a Sixth District Court administrative office contract, and then discussed the multi-purpose building rental rate.

Currently, Ashley Flannigan is holding a fitness class in the multi-purpose building and offered to clean the restrooms in exchange for use. The commission passed a motion that Flannigan pays $10 per use and cleans the bathroom with the stipulation that the building will only be open seasonally unless she wants to pay the heat bill.

Lastly, the commission reviewed a request to be in the Apple Days Parade. “I think we need to celebrate the 4th of July for more reasons than one,” said Commissioner Blackburn, and the rest of the commission agreed to support.

The Wayne County Commission meets the first and third Monday of every month at the Wayne County Courthouse in Loa.