Local Citizen Scientists Monitor Sky Quality

TEASDALE/TORREY/GROVER – You’re invited to help monitor night sky quality in the Teasdale-Torrey-Grover triangle on Saturday April 14. Entrada Institute board members and community members interested in the night sky will use a variety of fascinating data collection devices to gather data. Every six months, information is recorded from the same five locations and added to a database. The group […]

Key Restoration Partner Recognized for Field Work

ESCALANTE – The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Region 6 Partners Program leadership met in Utah on March 14 to discuss the future of conservation work in the region. The group, comprised of representatives from around prairie and mountain states, had the opportunity to tour southwest desert riparian restoration efforts along the Escalante River. During the meeting, an award was […]

Crockett Dumas and Outlaw Trail Arabians Clean House in 2017 Endurance Standings

ESCALANTE – Crockett Dumas and his Outlaw Trail endurance horses, normally regular winners on the Endurance trail riding circuit, this past year have outdone even themselves in endurance standings and awards. “I’ve never won as many national awards…this year was really something. Five years ago I thought I was done, but here we are,” said Dumas. Dumas’ latest mount, nine […]

The 40th Annual AZ/UT Range Livestock Workshop & Tour

Livestock Industry Personnel Gather to Discuss How to Maintain Viability in This Region Using the Latest Knowledge Available ORDERVILLE/HURRICANE/VIRGIN – The 40th annual AZ/UT Range Livestock Workshop & Tour took place April 3 in Orderville, April 4 in Hurricane, and the tour on April 5 in Virgin, UT. It is co-sponsored by Utah State University Extension and University of Arizona […]

Wayne County Commissioners Meeting

As a tax paying resident of Wayne County I was confused about something that was mentioned at the April 2nd Commissioners meeting. I wonder if I heard right. Is the County really going to spend over $100,000 on the airport? I realize that if I heard right this money would be in addition to several million dollars contributed by the […]

Concerned Citizens Come Together to Discuss Local Issues at Commissioners Meeting

An estimated 50 people attended the Wayne County Commission meeting on April 2.. It was truly inspiring to see how many people came forward to speak their minds to the commissioners. The tone remained respectful at all times, yet a number of very real concerns were brought forth. What brought us all together that morning was the recent news that […]

We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore

Those of you wearing a few years probably remember the 1939 film version of the “Wizard of Oz”. Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Lion each faced a problem; no way back to Kansas, no brains, no heart. They headed for the Emerald City, understanding that the Great Wizard of Oz would magically solve their problems. When they walked into […]

Josh Jackson 1985 – 2018

LOA – Our kind and beloved husband, father, son, brother and uncle, Joshua Jackson, age 32, passed away March 30, 2018 at his home in Loa. He was born April 21, 1985 in Richfield, a son of Douglas Doyle and Tammie Lott Jackson. He married Chantell Dawn Hansen July 10, 2006 in Sevier, Utah. They were later divorced. He married […]

Lewis G. Blackburn 1922 – 2018

FREMONT – Our beloved father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather, uncle, friend, and neighbor, Lewis Goff Blackburn, age 96, departed from this world April 4, 2018, at his home in Fremont, surrounded by family and loved ones. Lewis was born February 13, 1922, in Loa, Utah. He is the son of Heber Charles Blackburn and Louisa Taylor Blackburn. He was raised […]