10th Anniversary of the Cliff Notes Writing Conference October 3 – 7

BOULDER – The Cliff Notes Writing Conference began in October 2009 in Boulder at the old Town Hall. The faculty selected for the first year included Utah’s first Poet Laureate, David Lee; local writer, Dianne Oberhansly, a Flannery O’Connor Award winner for her fiction; and native son and published playwright, Raymond King Shurtz. It was a small group of participants, […]

Garkane Energy Shines

by Dawn House WAYNE / GARFIELD COUNTIES – A solar power project planned for Garfield and Wayne Counties will exploit the bright sunshine over Southern Utah, where several communities are pushing a dark skies program that encourages directed city lights to enhance the scenic beauties of space. Garkane Energy Cooperative will build solar panel pavilions in Escalante and Torrey as […]

Social Security and Medicare

During a televised debate Representative Chris Stewart made comments regarding Social Security and Medicare that were factually incorrect. Payments made to Americans for retirement, disability and survivor benefits and health care coverage under Medicare are not entitlements (the term used by Republicans) but rather are social insurance payments that workers and self-employed people pay for through payroll taxes. Since 1936 […]

Smokey Days Under the Rim

Let me start by thanking all the firefighters, many of whom are our neighbors and friends, for putting themselves out on those fire lines while their kids and spouses wait at home for them to return. Their dedication and commitment are greatly appreciated and helps make us all safer. And thank you for coming to our community to let us […]

Resident Support of Marsha Holland for House District 73

There are two candidates for House District 73. I am voting for Marsha Holland. She is an intelligent, positive, and concerned candidate. She cares about the interests and needs of those of us who live in Wayne County as demonstrated by her numerous trips to meet with county residents. In case you didn’t know, Utah House District 73 encompasses all […]

Studying Wayne County Government – The Facts

Last week a resident of Bicknell wrote to oppose Proposition 19, the initiative on the November ballot seeking to study Wayne County government. It’s good to know people are giving this proposal some thought. However, there are statements in the letter that are incorrect and could easily mislead voters. First, the author says Prop 19 is a “Form of County […]

Wayne County Form of Government and November Ballot Initiative

While I respect the opinion of Mr Albrecht and his view of the need for the study I must disagree with his conclusions and his recommendation. The study will cost the County nothing and the results of the study will not be binding only informative. Without the study we will never know if there is a better system of governing […]