Digital Entrance Pass Now Available at Bryce Canyon

The Digital Pass will help visitors save time and simplify transactions at fee booths BRYCE – Beginning Thursday, July 2nd visitors to Bryce Canyon National Park are now able to purchase digital annual and seven-day entrance passes online. The park has joined with other public land sites in providing digital passes through Recreation.gov to better serve their visitors. Park visitors […]

Boulder Town Council July 2020

BOULDER – The July Boulder Town Council meeting was held over Zoom. A toll-free phone number was also provided. Changes to the town budget have occurred due to Covid-19, however, the budget remains in good standing. The town has begun using a new accounting program, Polaris. By October 1, the town will have an update on the budget to evaluate […]

You Can Support Your Country or You Can Support Trump, but Not Both

Although, we lucky ones live in a beautiful and peaceful area, the discontent in many parts of the country does not go unnoticed here. What the country needs is “empathetic and moral leadership, but unfortunately, we have Donald Trump.” (quoted from Steve Colbert because I couldn’t think of any better way to say this) Many of us despise Trump “…because […]

Don’t Believe the PR from DNR

In 2009, a friend and I were hiking along East Fork Boulder Creek and came across hundreds of dead Brook Trout floating in the creek. Upon calling the Department of Natural Resources, I learned that the water was poisoned with the piscicide Rotenone. The purpose of this “treatment” was to sterilize the creek in order to clear the water of […]

Public Comment Should Be Allowed During Garfield Commission Meetings

The Garfield County Commissioners have continued to object to a public comment period during the bimonthly Commissioner meetings, especially Commissioner Pollock. While Commissioner Pollock always welcomes and voices appreciation when residents attend meetings, the public are only allowed to speak if they have formally filled out the required paperwork in advance of the meeting. One must be listed as an […]