Wayne Sherrell Ott

Wayne Sherrell Ott November 2, 1981 – July 8, 2021

WASHINGTON/PANGUITCH – It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the death of Wayne Sherrell Ott. He passed away in San Diego, California on July 8, 2021 as he was caught in a riptide while vacationing at the beach with his family. Wayne was born on November 2, 1981 in Panguitch, Utah to Sherrell and Karen Cottam […]

More About Cows on Highway

[In response to Jeff Oyler, If Ranchers Cannot Take Better Care of Their Cows, Please, Change Your Profession, July 1, 2021] Dear Mr. “Move-In” Jeff Oyler, It’s too bad about your yard and garden, but how stupid are you to put a picture of that so called fence in the The Insider that wouldn’t even hold out a sick jack […]

Torrey Referendum is Democracy in Action

Adus Dorsey’s July 8th letter in The Insider is full of inaccurate statements.First, the “Pied Piper” nickname suggests a single person has lured the whole town down a dangerous path. In fact, 87 residents signed onto the referendum, 60 told the Planning Commission they opposed gas stations, and 100 signed a community letter to that effect last year. Villainizing me […]

Civics with Civility

Reading Adus Dorsey’s latest florid commentary (July 8, 2021) about the potential ballot initiative regarding allowing gas stations in Torrey Town compelled me to add some insight. It is my understanding that the Torrey Planning Committee, after careful consideration and input from residents, recommended that the Town Council NOT allow gas stations as an allowable use within the town. Close […]

DUP Mauna Loa Chapter

Preserving What’s There

For DUP Mauna Loa Camp, Restoring and Maintaining Loa Tithing House is an Ongoing Labor of Love

LOA – One of the oldest surviving buildings in Wayne County is the Loa tithing house just off Main Street. This small building is easy to find nestled across the street from Loa’s wonderful steepled church. The stone monument on the corner explains that “Loa Townsite was named in 1876 after Mauna Loa, the beautiful 13,000 foot high volcanic mountain […]

Allred Point Monument

Monuments and Remnants

DUP Camp Geyser Seeks to Preserve Reminders of Early Settlers

FREMONT – As we near the July 24th celebration of Utah Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, we reflect on their heroics and bravery as they navigated the unknown. Let us focus on those first settlers of Rabbit Valley, specifically the village or town of Fremont, named for explorer John C Fremont who traveled through the area around […]

Jim Ireland superintendent of Bryce Canyon National Park

Jim Ireland Selected as Superintendent of Bryce Canyon National Park

BRYCE – National Park Service (NPS) Regional Director Mike Reynolds announced the selection of Jim Ireland as superintendent of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Ireland has almost 30 years of NPS experience and has served as the superintendent of Timpanogos Cave National Monument near Salt Lake City, Utah for almost 10 years. Ireland has most recently served as the […]

Cliff Swallow in nest

Birds in the Megadrought: Everyone is having a tough time

ESCALANTE – Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know it’s freakin’ dry—the driest year in our area in 120 years according to a friend who knows these things. Our drought has been going on for 20 years, and there is no end in sight. According to a University of CA paleoclimatologist, the current drought “is on track to […]

Torrey Town Main Street

Torrey Town Council July 2021

P&Z still looking for members, drought and development concerns, cemetary trees and potential engine brake ordinance discussed

TORREY – The July 8, 2021, Torrey Town Council meeting opened with a big thank you from Mayor Chesnut to all the council members and volunteers that made Apple Days a huge success. The council then discussed the Planning and Zoning Commission member situation. They’ve discussed the possibility of dropping the committee members from seven to five at the last […]

Lynette Sawyer, Long Term Care Patient Care Technician at Garfield Memorial Hospital

Over 95% of People Hospitalized From COVID are Not COVID- Vaccinated

SOUTHWEST UTAH – The numbers are compelling: those who are being hospitalized with COVID are overwhelmingly ones who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19. Data from the Utah Department of Health shows that from March 23 to June 15, 2021, when all Utahns aged 16 and older became eligible to receive the vaccine, there were 27,017 total COVID-19 cases identified […]