Concerning Mack Oetting’s “Letter to the Editor” Nov. 25, 2021 “Opinion of the Concerns for the Air BnBs in Our Area”

After reading Mack’s “opinion,” I would like to respond to his comments. First of all, I have been in the B&B/Inn business for 22 years, so I kind-of have some knowledge of what I am talking about. I am also all for people starting their own business. Competition is good. It keeps everyone on their toes as long as the […]

Still Government of the People?

Assuming government of, by, and for the people is still a thing here, it was well within bounds for Harshad Desai, a Panguitch business owner, to ask for more clarity on how the county presents its financial information, as related to Garfield County’s 2021 and 2022 budgets at their Dec. 13 public hearings. Mr. Desai had asked specific questions prior […]


Weekly Sky Report January 3 – 9, 2022

The Sky Report is presented as a public service by the Stellar Vista Observatory, a nonprofit organization based in Kanab, Utah, which provides opportunities for people to observe, appreciate, and comprehend our starry night sky. Additional information is at www.stellarvistaobservatory.org. Send questions and comments to John@StargazingAdventures.org. As predicted, the “Evening Star”—Venus—has left us, and it’s now moving between the earth […]


FYI Panguitch

If you stayed up till 11:00 p.m. on Christmas, you were treated to a white Christmas. With all of the wind, it looked like a white out. We were treated to three Christmases this year. My family meets each year for a family reunion and to celebrate the season at my nephew’s place in Palm Springs. I have a small […]

Jeffrey McKenna

Wills, Trusts, and More

Estate Planning in Uncertain Times

Getting your affairs in order creates a sense of peace. This can be especially true given the current uncertainties. Here are three planning tools that bring greater peace of mind. First, have a current and state specific health care power of attorney. This document allows someone else to care for you if you become sick and incapacitated. When properly drafted […]


Ask an Expert: Cranberries: a Healthy Holiday Choice

The health benefits of cranberries, combined with their unique taste, versatility and ease of use, make them a wise fruit choice not only during the holidays but year-round. Since the peak harvest season is October through December, cranberries are used most often during the holidays, and once purchased, fresh cranberries can be stored in the refrigerator crisper for up to […]


PHS Sports Sidelines

Bobcats Basketball remain undefeated with a win against Wayne, Lady Cats Basketball remains strong, and the wrestlers travel to Milford tournament after the winter break

While we were on vacation, I missed the last few games of the year, so this information is for me, as well as for those that couldn’t make the games. The Bobcat Basketball team still remains undefeated for the year. On the 16th, the Cats went out to Wayne, a team that they had just beaten, and it was more […]

Torrey Town Council

Torrey Town Planning Commission November 18, 2021

TORREY – There were no building permit approvals on the agenda. Today’s, December 30, meeting will be held if requests for building permits are submitted. There will be two openings on P&Z after January 30. These will be advertised to help recruit new members. The ordinance updates that were submitted to the Torrey Town Council last month were approved. It […]


Counting Birds, From the Paunsaugunt to “Purrria”

BRYCE – The Bryce Canyon Christmas Bird Count had another successful year. Twenty-four participants joined, with many locals present and some folks coming from places as far away as Virginia. The participants brought a range of birding skills. The event is especially welcoming to those who have no experience, pairing them up with more skilled birders and inviting them to […]


Nine Children Were Able to Participate in This Year’s Shop With a Cop with WCSO

WAYNE COUNTY – Shop With a Cop 2021 was great again this year. We were able to take nine children. We appreciate and thank all from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies in our county for helping the kids shop this year. We would also like to give a special “Thanks” to the local ladies of the Rabbit […]